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Event Planning Trends for 2011

We are officially at the close of 2010. It’s been a fantastic year filled with some great news, interesting events, outstanding philanthropy and exciting developments in event technology. Now, 2011 is about to be ushered in and a lot of people are left wondering, what will it bring? What will be popular? What will be some of the newest trends in event planning over the next calendar year?

A lot of experts, in a lot of areas of event planning are starting to ring in with some of their top trends for 2011 and I have a few of my own. Here are some of the biggest projected trends in event planning and event technology for 2011 that I have found:
  • Out With The Speakers – What if events had no speakers and no keynotes and instead were just giant forums for discussion and learning? Social media is making everything interactive, speakers and panels are not.
  • Better Swag – Anyone can get a generic pen or sticker from a conference, but some believe customized swag and goodies might be a hot ticket item this year. Personalized goody bags in 2011?
  • Go Mobile – Everything, from event advertisements, websites, backchannels, programs, everything will go mobile. From your phone, you’ll be able to access every detail of the event you’re planning, or attending.
  • Event Technology– More than any other time, specialized and customized event technology will take center stage for not only event planners, but those attending the events. The ability to vote, bid, ask questions and use text messaging during events will be huge.
2011 is almost here and with it will come a host of new trends, exciting developments and fascinating events. Do you have any trends that you think will be coming? Are there any trends you hope to see or can’t wait to find out about? I would love to hear your thoughts on trends in event planning for 2011 so sound off in the comments!


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