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How to Dye Beer Green

Most people don't know that you can dye beer green with both green food coloring, AND blue. Which to choose generally depends on your choice of beer... and the shade of green you're looking for.

Using Blue Food Coloring to Dye Beer Green:You can use blue food coloring to dye any yellow colored beer-- and light or yellow beers are generally the best for dyeing anyway. Blue food coloring results in a richer, darker, more shamrock-y green. But keep in mind that if you have a foamy head on your beer, the head may be a little bit blue-tinged.

Using Green Food Coloring to Dye Beer:Of course, the most common choice for dying St Patricks Day drinks --and especially beer-- green is green food coloring. Mixed with your average light ale, the green food coloring will result in a bright lime-y green color.
My advice? Buy both and experiment with them the few days before your St Patricks Day party. You may find that you like the effect of one more than the other.

Adding Food Coloring to Bottled or Keg Beer:Chose your food coloring shade? Now's time to dye the beer. When you look around on the net on how to dye beer green, you may find people suggesting you put your food coloring in after your beer. This is the wrong way. Trust me I have tried it both ways! The coloring goes into the glass before the beer-- this allows it to mix easily, without any stirring that would cause some of your beer's carbonation to dissipate.

How to dye beer green with food coloring:

1. Color. Add two to three drops of food coloring to the bottom of a mug or cup.

2. Pour. Pour the beer in the glass. It should mix on its own-- no stirring required.

That's it!


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